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Color Me Excellent

Color Me Excellent is a transformational leadership program designed for men of color, the holistic approach accelerates learning and absolutely impacts performance. The learning environment accelerates skills development and ignites positive motivations. The program offers an innovative approach to group learning and uniquely serves the talent development needs of men of color. The five highly interactive modules were judiciously designed to provide participants with the knowledge skills and tools necessary to lead with confidence. The program includes individual and group coaching and skills application offered via a conference series following each module.

Program Objectives:

  1. Advance leadership skills and competence
  2. Leverage strengths to expand leadership capacity
  3. Align skills and talents with desired outcomes
  4. Accelerate growth through increased self-awareness

Modular Curriculum:

Module I Personal Empowerment
Module II Financial Skills Development
Module III Business Skills Development
Module IV Career Strategies
Module V Leadership by Design

Participant Profile: Managers and functional specialists with approximately 3-10 years of work experience. The program is best suited for individuals with positive future prospects within the organization.