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Beverley Wright

Beverley A. Wright

These are just a few of the words people use to describe Beverley Alridge Wright, a dynamic public speaker, insightful executive and business coach, successful business leader, and community advocate. Beverley shares life lessons through stories that help people live intentionally and successfully on their own terms. Her guidance encourages those she leads to become proactive experts in shaping their own lives.

As founder and CEO of Wright Choice Group, LLC, Bev is a storyteller, a motivator, a mentor and a coach, with just a hint of drill sergeant, to boost her clients and her audiences to higher levels of success. Beverley’s 30 plus years of experience working for IBM in diverse business areas provides a rich background for guiding, addressing and coaching business professionals. Her last assignment with IBM was Talent Management & Development Executive for IBM Inside Sales, North America. She owned strategy and execution for hiring, education, training and professional development for three mega sales centers in Atlanta, GA, Dallas, TX and Toronto, Canada. Ms. Wright created an award winning internal coaching practice as an integral element of the Leadership Development Program to increase the effectiveness of the sales representatives, managers and executives. Through a coaching partnership with her clients, they are able to leverage ROP (Return on People) to increase their ROI (Return on Investment) and achieve business, professional and personal objectives.

She is a Professional Certified Coach credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is also a Co-Active Certified Coach as a graduate of The Coaches Training Institute. Bev’s coaching services include corporate, entrepreneurial, individual and group coaching. She is passionate about helping others become successful as they define it.