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The ability to delegate is one of the hallmark characteristics of effective leadership. Simply put, it’s being able to successfully get things done through others. The basic definition of delegating is “assigning duties to another person or persons while still being held accountable.” Delegation is the most effective way to build empowered teams, appropriate delegation builds employee confidence and competence.


  • Able to know when and how to delegate
  • Able to set clear expectations about deliverables and expected outcome
  • Able to clearly and specifically identify key task
  • Able to classify specific task and component owners
  • Able to explain and communicate assignments
  • Able to establish and align timelines with deliverables
  • Able to set expectations for communicating progress
  • Able to plan and communicate review and monitor process

Course Content:

  • Assignment definition
  • Assessing skills required to complete assignment
  • Determining required resources
  • Presetting progress monitoring plan
  • Assessing how progress aligns with desired outcome
  • Evaluating results
  • Debrief — draw conclusions — adjust accordingly