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Management & Supervision

Management & Supervision:

Managers and supervisors will learn the principles and skills necessary to supervise and lead in ways that achieves desired outcomes. The fundamental duties of managers and supervisors are; establishing and communicating rules, processes and requirements for completing work assignments or job duties. The manager or supervisor is responsible for managing, monitoring, developing, rewarding, correcting and rating employees. Managers will learn and practice essential skills required to successfully manage employees.


  • Able to know and understand employees strengths and challenges — managing assignments
  • Able to Be: trustworthy, visible, kind, professional, respectful, honest and consistent
  • Able to demonstrate confidence and competence and expect the same from team members
  • Able to model and cultivate team work — create a collaborative environment
  • Able to proactively manage performance — by recognizing employees strengths and challenges
  • Able to hold conversations with employees about their aspirations — impacts job satisfaction
  • Able to communicate clearly and frequently — don’t let molehills become mountains
  • Able to develop and refine skills for giving and receiving feedback — management foundation

Course Content:

  • Establishing clear and reasonable expectations
  • Correcting mistakes appropriately — supporting employee with capturing lessons
  • Managing by objectives — setting clear expectations regarding the expected outcome
  • Offering constructive criticism and appropriate praise — at the right time and place
  • Managing gossip — don’t cultivate hostile environments — don’t allow bullying or harassment
  • Practicing techniques for developing the skill to hold your position on tough issues
  • Finding your balance includes flexibility, kindness, respect, authority and understanding
  • Ensuring that you have appropriate subject area skills, knowledgeable and credibility
  • Mastering social interactions with diplomacy
  • Cultivating self-discipline and personal control — coach or mentor
  • Developing your personal and professional support system