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Performance Management

Performance Management:

Establish and manage employee assignments, performance requirements and expected outcomes. Cultivate an environment of responsibility and accountability where employees are focused on actions, results and outcomes. Set clear goals, rewards and consequences then manage and monitor the process. Ideally outcome focused employees develop strong self-management skills and are appropriately empowered.


  • Able to establish performance objectives
  • Able to align objectives with business goals
  • Able to establish and manage performance monitoring and measurement
  • Able to provide specific feedback with clear expectations
  • Able to identify and acknowledge performance — outstanding and improvement areas
  • Able to hold conversations about employee aspirations — job satisfaction
  • Able to review and monitor performance

Course Content:

  • Understanding why performance management is important to achieving business results
  • Knowing why performance management is important to employees success
  • Embracing performance management as your right and responsibility
  • Using specific performance management systems
  • Being consistent with the system, plan and process used to manage performance
  • Obtaining tools and techniques to manage performance
  • Establishing per-set performance guidelines