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Sales Strategy

Sales Strategy:

Sales strategy consists of planning and positioning a company’s brand to gain competitive advantage. A successful strategy affords the salesforce the opportunity to focus on targeted prospects. A well planned strategy enables the salesforce to communicate with and market to perspective clients in relevant and meaningful ways. A successful strategy identifies and engages prospective clients, thereby providing the salesforce with a pool of qualified prospects of which they have a better than average opportunity to convert to clients.


  • Able to establish the sales strategy
  • Able to create sales road maps
  • Able to build the sales plan that supports the strategy
  • Able to develop the prospect conversion plan
  • Able to establish sales goals and assign sales quotas
  • Able to establish sales performance in alignment with management objectives
  • Able to develop the plan to manage and track sales performance

Course Content:

  • Establishing and developing sales strategy
  • Creating structure and plans to support strategy execution
  • Prospect identification, qualification and pursuit planning
  • Conversion strategy — turning prospects into customers
  • Planning the sales engagement
  • Sales Execution Roadmap — targeted customers, point of entry and pursuit process