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Team Building

Team Building:

Organizations have shifted from traditional hierarchical structures favoring empowered teams, for most the shift has sanctioned a more autonomous work place affording new opportunities for personal and professional growth thereby improving performance and productivity. In this program, participants obtain practical skills and tools for improving team synergy and performance.


  • Able to involve team members in designing how the team functions
  • Able to align performance and measurement
  • Able to cultivate increased commitment to change
  • Able to Involve the team in goal setting
  • Able to demonstrate and require appropriate and timely resolution to conflict
  • Able to align the principles of group dynamics with team dynamics
  • Able to work collaboratively to deliver positive results

Course Content:

  • Understanding team members fit and function
  • Learning how to Involve team members in decision making
  • Avoiding common team pitfalls
  • Assessing team effectiveness
  • Establishing and maintaining a culture of responsibility and accountability
  • Encouraging and rewarding change and performance excellence
  • Understanding and managing all levels of team performance
  • Developing strategies for managing morale or turning low morale around
  • Acquiring useful tips and tools for gaining consensus and creating team commitment
  • Learning and practicing conflict resolution methods
  • Strengthening key leadership skills – Leading, delegating, motivating and empowering